What Is Picnob? Instagram Anonymous Viewer – Best Review.



Imagine you have upset your best friend, and they blocked you, but you want to watch their Instagram story. What will you do? I have good news for you. Many platforms are available that allow users to visit the profile anonymously. One such is Picnob, which has millions of users worldwide.

Picnob is a website with many unique features specially dedicated to stalking someone’s Instagram profile. You can also download pictures by using this website. In this blog, I will review everything about Picnob, including its pros and cons, how it works, and its 10 alternatives. 

Let’s learn more about this unique online tool.

What Is Picnob?

Picnob is an Instagram profile viewing tool that was formerly known as Pixwox. It has changed the old ways of watching someone’s Instagram stories. The platform is user-friendly and has many other unique features besides story viewer. You can use Picnob free of cost and take advantage of its features, such as an IG hashtag generator and much more. Using it can save you time from scrolling on your Instagram feed. Unlike other platforms, Picnob is a fast-loading website with no advertisement, making it one of the best options to view your friend’s Instagram profile.

Why Picnob Is Famous?

Picnob has gained popularity globally, which shows the demand for social media anonymous viewer tools. But why do people use it if they can simply create an account on official Instagram? The reasons are simple, and some of them are the following:

  • Most people use it because they do not want to create their account on Instagram.
  • If someone blocked your profile, you are unable to see their posts on Instagram.
  • You have temporarily deleted your Instagram account.
  • The official IG app is down in your region.
  • Sometimes, social media apps do not work properly due to technical issues.
  • You want to stalk your ex that you have blocked years ago.

These reasons result in the demand for free social media apps viewing online websites. Therefore, Picnob is a famous and recognized tool worldwide with an excellent reputation.

How Does Picnob Tool Works?

Picnob operates by accessing public Instagram data. When you input a username, it retrieves the user’s profile information, photos, and posts. The tool doesn’t require authentication, making it an anonymous Instagram viewer. It compiles the data neatly for you to explore, including photos, followers, and following lists. You can use it to view and download Instagram content by following these simple steps:

  • Open the browser and visit Picnob.
  • Enter a username on the search bar.
  • Click on the “Download” button below the post you want to save.
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Picnob Instagram Viewer Features And Advantages

Here are the unique features of Picnob that give you many advantages:

Browsing Instagram Profiles

It lets you browse Instagram profiles without having your own account. This feature is beneficial for all the introverts.

Download Feature

You can download content from your favorite influencers, such as makeup artists. Having a tutorial offline can help you in learning makeup.

Zoom In DPs

Instagram DPs are so small that you cannot even recognize the person in it. Picnob gives you a platform where you can easily watch or download DP.

Supports Multiple Languages

Picnob respects the fact that users from different countries visit its website. Therefore, Picnob supports multiple languages for the ease of its users.

Exploring User Interactions

Picnob allows you to explore and understand user interactions on Instagram profiles with ease and convenience.

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

One of the best features that people adore about Picnob is the anonymous story viewer. You can watch someone’s story without letting them know.

Saves You Time

Scrolling Instagram can waste a lot of your time, so you can simply go to Picnob and only visit the stories you desire to watch.

Drawbacks of Using Picnob

Every platform has some drawbacks that users should know before using them. Here are a few cons of using Picnob:

Limited Features

Picnob has restricted functionality, limiting your overall experience. It lacks many features that are available in other online tools.

Downloading Risky Content

There’s a risk of downloading unsafe or inappropriate content because of ads.

Potential Malware 

Using Picnob could expose your device to malware or viruses. You should download a VPN before accessing the website.

Ethical Concerns

If you are downloading other’s content without their permission, you are not respecting their privacy. 

Top 10 Alternatives To Picnob

Picnob is one of the best Instagram profile viewers, but sometimes it does not work due to technical reasons. What will you do then? You must know about similar platforms. So, here are the top ten alternatives to Picnob:

  1. Inflact

Inflact is the best alternative to Picnob, or you can say that it’s even better. The reason behind this is the versatility of this tool, as it’s not only an Instagram viewer but also a Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter viewer. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one social media tool because it can analyze profiles and generate hashtags.

  1. Insta Navigation
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Another alternative to Picnob is Insta Navigation. This platform offers a simple way to stay updated about the Instagram app while keeping you anonymous. You can also download photos and reels by using Insta Navigation. The eye-catching website is another reason why people love using it.

  1. Insta Stalk

If you want to download photos, reels, and stories from an Instagram public account, Insta Stalk is another option besides Picnob. The website is ideal for users from different countries. It also categorized the accounts for your ease into Girls, Music, Fashion, Cars, Photography, and more.

  1. InstaSpy

InstaSpy is an easy-to-use platform that claims to show you the private profiles of Instagram. The website is safe and hides your identity. You can also send them feedback about the performance of the tool. InstaSpy lets you spy on your friends and family’s Instagram.

  1. Insta DP

Insta DP is also a similar website as Picnob. The features are almost the same, such as Instagram profile pictures, photos, and stories downloader. You can use this website without creating your account. Insta DP gives you HD-quality Instagram content for free.

  1. StorySaver

If you are looking for a downloading tool dedicated to Instagram stories, you must try StorySaver. It is an online website from which you can access any Instagram account to watch and download their highlights. You can do this by entering the username on the search bar and clicking on the “Save” button.

  1. AnonIG

AnonIG is a web application for people who are curious to watch someone’s story but don’t have an Instagram account. This website allows you to enter the username and download their content to your computer or mobile. AnonIG has one flaw: the website has a few glitches.

  1. InstaZoom

How many of you tried to zoom the profile picture of your lover, but you failed? Want a solution? InstaZoom is your answer. It is a website that removes the restriction on opening DP in full view. Moreover, you can also save their pictures for watching later.

  1. WatchInsta

Are you curious about the last active status of your ex, but you cannot see it? Users can set privacy on their Instagram account, due to which you cannot see their last online time. WatchInsta solved this problem by providing you with a tool to check the online status even after privacy.

  1. Picuki

Picuki is a unique Instagram viewer website because it also lets you edit your pictures. It means that you can stalk someone anonymously, but you can also use it to edit your publicly available Instagram content. The website offers a form if you want to remove your content from Picuki.

Final Thoughts:

Picnob is an excellent tool for downloading and viewing other’s Instagram accounts anonymously. It has many other features, such as a hashtag generator. All you have to do is enter the username, and Picnob will give you instant results. However, there are some limitations to its features, so you should also explore its alternatives from my list, such as Inflact, Insta Spy, and Picuki.