Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health – A Detailed Comparison

Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health

Dr. Negin Behazin is a cardiologist who specializes in the treatment of heart and cardiovascular disease. She has worked in Garden Grove, Canada, as a healthcare provider. Dignity Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization located in the United States that operates in 21 states. This organization works in all medical services like primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health care.

This blog is all about how Dignity Health treated Negin Behazin during her treatment at the hospital and why she filed a case against Dignity Health.

Who Is Dr. Negin Behazin?

Dr. Negin Behazin, a cardiologist and self made entrepreneur. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology Iran and her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Los Angeles, California. She is the CEO of IntuiTap Medical, a healthcare technology company that works in making devices for patients suffering from neurological disorders. She has been awarded a number of achievements.

She was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in the healthcare sector in 2018. She has also given speeches at TEDx and other known events.

What Services Negin Behazin Provides

Here are the services that Dr Negin Behazin Provides

  • Dr. Negin diagnoses heart health conditions of the patients using highly advanced tools and techniques. She also makes customized treatment plans for her patients according to their condition.
  • Dr. Behazin performs very serious cardiac treatments, such as stunt placement and angioplasty, to open the arteries of the heart or resume the flowing of the blood.
  • She also gives guidance to the patients about how they should maintain their lifestyle and take medicines to avoid heart attacks.
  • Dr. Negin also treats people suffering from hypertension, which is the main cause of heart attacks.

Dr. Negin Behazin treats people who are suffering from several health issues that might affect their heart health.

Dignity Health

Dignity Health is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1986 that operates in 22 states of the US. They play an essential role in the healthcare industry. Not only this, they are known for treating patients even if they can’t afford the fees. Dignity Health works in all sections of health care, and they also allow their patients to contact them remotely. This organization works under a Catholic Organization. This organization often works with local healthcare to provide facilities to under underprivileged.

They are investing in technologies to provide their patients with the best treatments. They have also faced a lot of issues due to legal and ethical challenges.

Services At Dignity Health

Here is the list of services that Dignity Health offers.

  • Dignity Health provides free or low-cost treatments to its patients.
  • This organization also supports local charities.
  • They provide remote consultancy to patients so that they can easily avail the facilities.

The Conflict Between Dr Negin Behzain vs Dignity Health

Dr. Negin Bhazin has filed a case on Dignity Health against medical mistreatment, Negligence, and violation of patients’ rights. She said that when she was undergoing treatment in Dignity Health, the doctors didn’t take proper care. She also told the court that when she wanted to practice her medical studies at Dignity Health, they denied her privileges because she is an Asian and Muslim. She also reported that when she told her management about the harassment she was facing, they denied that as well.

However, Dignity Health’s superiors said that these allegations were wrong and they didn’t let her practice because of her qualifications and hospital needs. Moreover, it was also reported that one of Dr Behazin’s colleagues harassed her, and the court gave her $ 3 million to recover the damages.

Allegations Filed Against Dignity Health

Here is the detail of all the allegations Dr Negin Behazin has filed against Dignity Health

● Mistreatment

The first allegation she made against Dignity Health was the mistreatment that she faced during her medical treatment. Dr Negin said that the doctors failed to give her the amount of attention and care she needed when going under treatment.

● Negligence

The other main allegation Dr Negin filed was the negligence doctors showed while treating her. She said that the doctors were careless about her condition, and she was left naked in the room most of the time with no ongoing process.

● Privacy Concerns

Negin Behazin also said that when she was going under medical treatment, the doctors didn’t correctly share what she was going through. Also, her information was kept and talked confidentially, and she also stated that there were privacy concerns when she was admitted.

Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health: Cross Examinations of Evidence

Both the parties, the legal teams of Negin Behazin and Dignity Health, provided their pieces of evidence related to the filed case. The evidence includes medical records, testimonials, witness statements, and any other documentation and recordings. All the evidence is then presented to the Jury in an organized manner for authentication. Later, all the evidence is cross-checked in front of the witnesses of both parties.

The cross-examination took place when witnesses from both parties had a chance to question each other; this happened to see if the testimonies were authentic and uncover inconsistencies and motives. After the examination, both parties had a final chance to present themselves in front of the court and jury regarding their concerns. The final statements worked as key points for judges to work on the outcomes.

Outcomes After Court Hearing

After all the evidence was provided, the court shared the outcomes that both the parties will face after the final hearing. Here are the following outcomes given below:

Financial Compensation

It was said that if all the allegations that Dr. Negin Behazin has filed against Dignity Health come in favor of Dr. Negin, then Dignity Health has to pay her for the sufferings she has to face during her treatment, as well as negligence and misconduct. 

Reputation of Dignity Health

Dignity Health will face a lot of reputational crisis if the allegations turn true. It will harm the reputation of the organization as well as medical health providers working for them. It’ll be hard for people to trust the organization.

Media Coverage

In this Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health issue, media coverage worked as a public voice that showed what the public is saying in this regard. It also covered news about the actions that were taken inside the courtroom.

Public Perception

The way news is covered, and its transmission works deeply in public perception. People started talking about the case Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health. Everyone was concerned about the issue and the final result. Public sentiments and support also impact the credibility of each party, whether it is for Dr. Negin Behazin or Dignity Health.

Hearing of Court

In the Los Angeles Superior Court, the hearing turned out in favor of Dr Negin Behazin. The judges said that the allegations Dr Negin put on Dignity Health were all right, and she was suffering from negligence and mistreatment at the hospital. The Court said that no healthcare provider has the authority to treat patients according to their gender, race, or ethnicity. It is also said that if doctors treat patients with ignorance, it causes death or some major harm to the patient, which leads to legal action.

Dignity Health management was asked to pay Dr Negin $3 Million for the negligence and harm she faced during her treatment, and Dignity Health and the staff faced a lot of criticism after the hearing.

Final Result

The case of Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health started with filing an accusation against the organization. The case was filed by Negin Behazin, a Ph.D. holder in biomedical who was going under treatment at Dignity Health. She told the judges that she was harassed, neglected, and mistreated. Dr. Negin also said that she was denied work in Dignity Health because of her race and religion. On the other hand, the management wronged all the accusations made.

Now that the case is under court’s processing, it will remain a part of the discussion for the media and public interest. However, this case will have a great impact on both the parties and healthcare providers. This Negin Behazin vs Dignity Health is still a huge topic to discuss, and people are waiting for the final results.