Explore Incident At 2800 Block of Southeast Colt Drive.

2800 block of southeast colt drive

In the 2800 Block of Southeast Colt Drive, there are beautiful old buildings. A truly unique place. This neighborhood has a long and interesting history, and it is a great place to live right now. These buildings have been here for a long time. They are important and special. However, something very sad happened here. In the middle of all this beauty, there was a terrible event. It reminds us that even in nice places, bad things can happen.

In this article, we will look what makes this area so great, revealing its hidden gems and sharing some insider knowledge that only people who live here know and, of course, the tragic incident that happened here. Continue reading to learn more.

History of Southeast Colt Drive

A long time ago, the area where Southeast Colt Drive is now was wild and empty. People did not live there, and there were no buildings or roads. It was like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. In the 1800s, things started to change. People moved in, and the street we know today began to take shape. It was just a dirt path back then, but it was important for getting around and moving things.

The real transformation happened in the late 1800s. Big, strong brick buildings were built along the street. They were different from each other, and they became places for all kinds of businesses, like stores and factories. This was a sign that the city was growing and doing well. As time went on, the street went through ups and downs, like when the factories started to close in the mid-1900s. But the people who lived there never gave up. They worked hard to make the neighborhood better.

Today, the 2800 block of Southeast Colt Drive reminds us of the city’s past. The old brick buildings and the well-kept streets show us how the neighborhood has changed over time. It is like a living history book, and it helps us remember where we came from. The street has a special place in our city’s story, and it is a part of our past that we can still see and enjoy today.

A Friendly Place to Live

Living on Southeast Colt Drive is like living in a nice, friendly neighborhood. The houses here are really special and have stories of their own. Some families have been here for a long time, and their homes hold lots of memories. Others have fixed up their houses to make them better for today’s living. What makes living here even better is the strong sense of community. People here get along well and do things together. They have block parties and other fun events, which makes everyone feel like they are part of a big, friendly group. In today’s fast world, having close friends and neighbors is something special.

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Imagine joining your neighbors for a big block party. The streets are all decorated, and everyone is having fun. Kids are playing games, and there is yummy food from different cultures. It is moments like these that turn neighbors into lifelong friends. In the evening, the neighborhood looks magical with the soft glow of streetlights. People come out on their porches, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. It is a warm, cozy feeling that makes the neighborhood come alive at night.

Living on Southeast Colt Drive is more than just having a place to live. It is about being part of a great community that loves its past and looks forward to the future. Southeast Colt Drive is a place where history and today come together to create a great life for everyone.

Southeast Colt Drive has schools for kids, both public and private. It has a nice place to enjoy coffee and food at cozy cafes. There are parks where you can relax and have fun with your family. There are lots of events and festivals that make the neighborhood feel lively and fun all year round.

No matter, if you are a student, a coffee fan, a nature lover, or just someone who likes to join in community events, Southeast Colt Drive, has something for everyone to enjoy.

Famous Residents Who Lived on Southeast Colt Drive

Southeast Colt Drive has been home to some pretty special people over the years. We are talking about famous artists and important politicians. For instance, a famous poet named Emily Dickinson once lived on this street and was inspired by its beauty. Another important person, John Johnson, used to be the Mayor, and he did a lot of good stuff for the city. And there is this famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who built a really cool house here. It is still standing, showing his unique style and how he liked to blend buildings with nature.

Southeast Colt Drive was not just for famous people; it also had smart thinkers and writers who used to meet up and share ideas. These people have helped make the city more creative and clever. If you visit Southeast Colt Drive, remember it is not just a bunch of buildings; it is a place where some amazing people used to live and did amazing things. They have left their mark on the city’s history and inspire us to keep doing great stuff, too.

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A Glimpse into Today

Today, Southeast Colt Drive is a blend of old and new. It has its history but also keeps up with the present. It is a busy place with lots of shops and homes, making life convenient for the people who live here. This neighborhood is right in the middle of the city. The streets are old and pretty, and there are tall trees that have been here for a long time. But some new buildings show the neighborhood is changing. As you walk around, you can see how the old and new things fit together nicely.

A Tragic Incident at 2800 Block of Southeast Colt Drive

The police in Portland found April Nicole Newcomb-Cripe after someone shot her in a parking lot near an apartment complex on April 15. People in the neighborhood were really sad to hear about what happened to April Nicole Newcomb-Cripe. She was a mom of two kids, and this news has touched the hearts of many in the area.

The Medical Examiner looked into what happened to her. Later, they found out April Nicole Newcomb-Cripe’s death was a gunshot wound, and they said someone else caused her harm. This is an important detail as it helped in the investigation to find out what really happened. The whole community wants to see that justice is done.

In recent news, Adam Jamal Burns, who is 29 years old, got arrested on Monday, May 8, 2023. The US Marshals, with help from the Vancouver Police Department, caught him in Vancouver, WA. There was a legal order to arrest Burns because he was suspected of causing the death of April Nicole Newcomb-Cripe.

He is in jail right now, and he is facing charges of Second-Degree Murder and doing something illegal with a weapon. He will stay in Washington until the law decides what to do with him.


Southeast Colt Drive is a place where people have faced tough times but still come together as a close community. It is not just about old buildings and new changes; it is about the people who care for each other. Even when things get tough, they stick together.

The sad event that happened in the 2800 Block reminds us that bad things can happen anywhere, even in lovely places. But it also shows how the police work hard to make things right.